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DUCKFAT’s concept is a bold departure from traditional French dining norms. aiming to break conventional codes and redefine the essence of French cuisine. The venue’s industrial ambiance, reminiscent of a modern art museum, sets the stage for a novel experience.


Classic French style artworks are reinvested with street art graffiti, creating a gritty French aesthetic that challenges conventions. Soft, towering trees garnered with blush pink flowers add an ethereal touch, transporting guests to a whimsical place like no other.


Complementing this juxtaposition is sleek and sophisticated furniture, providing a modern canvas for the quirky, avant-garde plates that transform food into art pieces; ensuring they take centre stage.


"The food was amazing, but if I could give the service 10 stars - I would. It is rare to find a waitress who, even managing a big section, was so on top of everything. Never sitting without a drink, no empty lates sitting around for ages, recommendations spot on and just generally made us feel welcome. Will definitely be back!"

Kristell H.

Verified Review

"French cuisine done well with friendly service. Came for a special occasion and the staff delivered on a memorable experience."

Paul C.

Verified Review

"Thank you for a magical evening. The food, wine and staff were incredibly fabulous. You truly took us back to France and brought up some special memories we have of our time in the Gironde. Merci beaucoup."

Emma H.

Verified Review


Trained under the esteemed 3 Michelin Star chef Alain Ducasse, Head Chef Samuel Perrin brings a wealth of expertise and a touch of provincial French countryside charm to DUCKFAT. With a culinary journey rooted in tradition and innovation, Samuel’s approach pays homage to his heritage while delivering modern French dishes infused with delectable flavors and unparalleled taste. His tenure under Ducasse’s tutelage, paired with his 25+ years of experience working alongside globally renowned chefs in Paris and Switzerland, has shaped Samuel’s culinary vision.


This allows him to execute each dish with precision and finesse, elevating the dining experience at DUCKFAT to new heights. From timeless classics to innovative twists, Samuel’s culinary expertise ensures that every dish at DUCKFAT is a celebration of flavor, executed with skill and reverence.


Innovation is our signature, infusing every dish with creativity that defies the ordinary. At DUCKFAT, traditional French cuisine is reimagined, delivering a dining experience filled with unexpected delights and groundbreaking flavours in Brisbane.



Our passion for French cuisine drives everything we do, from the careful selection of ingredients to the final flourish on the plate. It's the essence of DUCKFAT, bringing soulful culinary creations to life that tantalise the taste buds and warm the heart.



Sustainability is a guiding principle at DUCKFAT, from sourcing ingredients responsibly to minimising our environmental footprint. We’re dedicated to offering dishes that are not only exquisite but also ethically crafted, celebrating the bounty of the earth with respect and care .



At DUCKFAT, diversity is our strength, reflected in a team that embraces different cultures and a menu that offers a mosaic of flavours. We believe in the power of bringing people together through food, creating a dining experience that’s rich, inclusive, and vibrant in Brisbane.





At the helm of DUCKFAT are the visionary minds of Co-Founders Simon Lambert and Behrooz Farahnakian, along with Head Chef Samuel Perrin. Their combined expertise and passion for top-tier culinary experiences have propelled DUCKFAT’s concept to new heights. With roots stemming from their tenure at La Belle Vie and a remarkable journey spanning over 20 years within the international culinary industry—ranging from casual bistros to Michelin-starred establishments—their dynamic collaboration has traversed various positions and culinary landscapes.


Guided by Simon and Behrooz’s leadership and Samuel’s culinary expertise, DUCKFAT is a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication to innovation. As they continue to redefine modern French cuisine, their collective vision remains steadfast, ensuring that every dining experience at DUCKFAT is truly remarkable.

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